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By Ikram Fadil, Tiznit

Hurtful words lead to flames and fire

Cold hearts burning over thoughts and desire

Absent minded, yet caught me in the bond of a sire

The puzzle needs a wise person I can hire

Black and red. In the midst of the light

Youa’ve raised me to the sky, an unreachable height

And sat me there, so now Ia’m out of sight

Wondering what to do.. My own body I should bite

My braina’s a mess.. If one I own

My tempera’s risen; the heat took over the bone

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Ia’ve sat on my knees.. Watching the path Ia’ve drown

Waiting for somebody.. Lifea’s leaving me all alone

Ita’s way too hard to take back what Ia’ve said

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For its memory shall lie in its shiny little bed

The fog took all, and my anger was fed

If only I could get a knife, and the night would be dead.